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CQ Access Point Agreement

CQ’s Annual License Activation and Software Maintenance Agreement

CQ recognizes the importance of providing our customers with access to comprehensive technical services and support.  CQ also feels that access to product upgrades and updates is an integral part of an organization’s overall software deployment strategy.  With this in mind, CQ provides the CQ Access Point agreement to its customers.  With each license acquisition, you receive annual license activation as well as access to the product upgrade and technical support features of Software Maintenance.

License Activation

During initial installation, your new CQ software will require its license to be activated by contacting CQ and requesting "License Key Codes".  Upon activation, the software will be fully licensed and fully functional on the workstation or server that you have loaded it onto.  Then, on an annual basis, your license will need to be reactivated.  You will receive notification in the form of a pop-up message 30 days from the expiration date that the software license is due to expire soon.  Then, you will receive a similar notification each day under the 30-day period.  If you have been unable to extend your license within the allotted time, CQ allows a short grace period before the license is terminated.  By maintaining this “grant of license” with CQ, this ensures a stable environment for your CQ solution to function.  It also allows for the free product upgrades and updates that you will be receiving to be more easily installed.

Technical Support

During each year of your software’s usage, CQ’s technical support staff will be available to troubleshoot any CQ related technical issues.  CQ will provide up to two hours of telephone technical support for each licensed CQ software product.  Along with the two hours of telephone support, we will provide unlimited e-mail technical support.  This is CQ’s way of making sure that you are covered with the technical support that you need.  This is your way of getting an increased return on your investment in a total software solution.

Product Updates and Upgrades

As new product upgrades (new features, etc.) and product updates (patches, bug fixes, etc.) become available, they will be made available to CQ Access Point customers.  Then, you can upgrade to new releases and new versions as your needs dictate.

By providing constantly updated software to CQ Access Point customers such as yourself, we are helping you maintain your software budgeting.  For example, if you weren’t enrolled in the CQ Access Point agreement, then you would have to budget an uncertain amount for new software releases.  Then, if you forgot to budget for new software releases – or didn’t even know that you needed to budget for this – then you are stuck with an unplanned expenditure, or forced to wait until the next budget cycle to be current with the CQ software.  With the CQ Access Point agreement, you never have to worry about new software releases because they are included in the agreement.  This makes it simple for you to purchase and administer all CQ related solutions in one planning and budgeting cycle as part of its overall software acquisition plan.

CQ Access Point Agreement Features

Technical support issues that the CQ Access Point agreement covers include installation help, simple configuration of communications parameters, basic CQ solution operating procedures, and limited troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.  This agreement does not include programming or script writing.  Some CQ solutions come with basic scripts or customized user interfaces.  These scripts and customizations were developed as a service for CQ customers and are provided on an "as is" basis.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

The CQ Access Point agreement includes troubleshooting of CQ’s solution problems as well as limited conflicts with other hardware and software products already present on the system.  Over the course of troubleshooting of these errors, CQ may require the customer to run diagnostic tests as instructed by CQ’s technical support staff.  In these cases, the customer must have some degree of computer knowledge in order for CQ to be able to offer assistance.

Over the course of troubleshooting, if it is determined that there is an error in CQ’s software or hardware products, CQ will do all that it can to fix the error.  CQ will, at its sole discretion, accomplish this through one or more ways: CQ will fix the error and provide a working solution to the customer; CQ will let the customer know that the error has been fixed in a later version of the software; CQ will suggest alternatives that will avoid the error; and/or CQ will notify the customer that the error will not be repaired in the foreseeable future.

All technical support issues will be limited to applications that involve CQ products.  If there is an identified error through the use of CQ’s products due to other environmental issues such as operating system conflicts or with conflicts with other installed software or hardware, CQ’s responsibility will be limited to the discovery of the problem or simply ruling out CQ’s products as the cause of the problem.

CQ Access Point agreement subscriptions must be purchased concurrently for all licenses of the CQ solutions owned by a customer.  CQ may, at its sole discretion, prorate the term of the customer’s CQ Access Point agreement subscription so that all CQ Access Point agreement subscriptions for the CQ customer renew concurrently.

Software Copy Protection through "License Key Codes"

CQ protects its software assets and intellectual property from illegal, unauthorized duplication and piracy through software copy protection.  This method in no way hinders or otherwise obstructs the CQ software’s capabilities.  Through CQ’s license and software copy protection, the CQ software is "linked" to the workstation (this can be a single user workstation or a server) that it is loaded onto through "License Key Codes".

The "License Key Codes" are based on some of the workstation’s internal characteristics.  This prevents the software from being installed and used without authorization on more than one workstation.  In order to enable the software on more than one workstation, additional "License Key Codes" must be generated for each workstation.  CQ permits a customer to transfer the software from one workstation to another by invalidating the prior "License Key Codes" and issuing new "License Key Codes".  In order for CQ to issue these new "License Key Codes", the customer must provide CQ with a valid removal code that is generated by the software.  Customers with environments where frequent reinstallation, regular system changes, or other modifications are a natural occurrence are strongly advised to contact CQ before any workstation changes are made.

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