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Exciting News About CQ!

Effective July 1, 2012, the software products, intellectual property, and certain other assets owned by CQ Computer Communications, Inc. were transferred to CQ Communications Software, LLC.  As the two names suggest, this is mostly a transition in name.  Allow us to explain what this means:

We are excited about this new phase in the life of CQ’s products and solutions, and appreciate the opportunity to continue to provide our current and future clients with personal service and support, now and in the future.


CQ’s goal is to provide our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations and requirements; that are innovative and represent good value; and that are unmatched in the marketplace by the level of our service and customer support.  CQ is dedicated to the philosophy of providing our solutions and our services with the belief that we should do everything that we can to insure our customer’s success, while treating our customers the way we want to be treated - with honesty and with respect.

Evolution of CQ Solutions

CQ was initially successful as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for numerous organizations around the world.  In the early years, CQ partnered with industry leading organizations in order to provide products and services that fit their specific needs.  Just as in years past, CQ continues to work with many of the most respected companies in the computer communications and data technology industries in order to develop our products and services to meet the strategic needs of our users.

Connectivity Solutions

Looking to expand from our initial OEM offerings, CQ’s products soon evolved into the development of terminal emulation solutions that provide a cost-effective way for remote workstations to access large IBM® mainframe computers.  Still today, CQ’s connectivity solutions continue to "emulate" IBM industry standard terminals and controllers in order to provide a means for a workstation to be logged into the mainframe.  The terminals and controllers that are emulated by CQ’s connectivity solutions include 377x SNA, 3780/2780 Bisync, and 3270 SNA.

These connectivity solutions were first based on the MS-DOS® operating system that was prevalent on most IBM PCs and workstations at the time.  With the advent of the Windows® operating systems by Microsoft®, CQ today offers connectivity solutions that provide simple and convenient connectivity from any remote or local workstation or client running a Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating system, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT®, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  These connectivity solutions include CQ-3770®, CQ-3780®, and CQ-3270®.  CQ’s Enterprise Extender solutions - CQ-3770EE® and CQ-3270EE® - provide SNA connectivity over IP connections through the Enterprise Extender (EE) technology.

Security Solutions

In 1991, CQ introduced the single Data Encryption Standard (DES) option for its 3270 SNA and 3770 SNA/RJE terminal emulation connectivity solutions.  Today, CQ has taken secure data communications to the next level by offering full support for Triple DES.  When compared to single DES, Triple DES has the advantage of a longer key length that eliminates many of the shortcut attacks that can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to break single DES.

CQ’s security solutions have been implemented throughout the world for secure, remote data transfer applications by users ranging from Federal government agencies to companies within the private sector such as brokerage houses and other financial services institutions.

Productivity Solutions

As CQ’s solutions further evolved, CQ began to focus its solutions on the management of data once it is located on the workstation. CQ’s complete line of powerful productivity solutions offer superior data management tools that improve efficiencies while driving down the costs associated with the management of large quantities of recurring data.  Many of these solutions can be used independently, combined with other CQ productivity solutions, or combined with CQ connectivity solutions for the ultimate in data management.

Each solution focuses on a particular aspect of data management that allows users to efficiently manage data and thus increase overall productivity.  The CQ-Forms Manager™ solution provides an efficient way to select forms to manage the send and receive file transfer processes in the micro/mainframe environment.  The solution is customizable according to your specific forms download and upload needs.  The CQ-Event Scheduler™ solution provides an automated way to schedule recurring computer tasks that you would otherwise have to initiate manually.  The CQ-Print Administrator™ solution provides an efficient way to manage and print text-based files according to your specific print layout requirements and specifications and also allows for unattended print jobs that you schedule through other programs.  The CQ-File Manager™ solution provides an automated way to manage data that your organization receives, usually through a recurring download, everyday.  The solution is customizable according to the file processing tasks that are unique to your requirements and specifications.

Over 30 Years of Success

Our success and longevity in the marketplace can be credited to several factors:

For over 30 years, CQ has been a leading productivity, connectivity, and security solutions provider for users worldwide.  CQ designs, engineers, distributes, and supports these solutions to clients worldwide.  Corporations, businesses, and governmental organizations throughout the world use these solutions, as well as CQ's technical expertise.

CQ’s ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers.  Over the years, CQ’s strategies have led to the steady growth in our customer base and solution offerings.  In the future, CQ will continue to grow as our goals and objectives are met by providing outstanding customer service and developing quality solutions that are reliable and represent excellent value.

CQ’s belief in the future is supported by our success in the past.  CQ will continue to be a successful and important player in the productivity, security, and connectivity marketplaces and will continue to grow as the market evolves today and into the future.

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