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CQ-3770EE Features
Sample Screen Shots

Solution Overview

The CQ-3770EE® connectivity solution combines numerous features with an advanced interface to provide users with 377x SNA/RJE mainframe connectivity over existing IP networks.  The transmission of SNA data over IP networks is accomplished through IBM’s® Enterprise Extender technology.

The Move to Enterprise Extender

Mainframe PicIBM Front End Processors (FEPs), such as the 3745 and 3746 Controllers, form the backbone of many mission critical SNA networks by allowing remote SNA clients to connect to mainframe computers. These FEPs were withdrawn from marketing by IBM effective September 27, 2002.  Since that date, only used FEP products and features have been available.  Since IBM’s announcement, networks that are based on these controllers have begun the realization that these FEPs are no longer supported and another SNA type connectivity solution is necessary.

IBM states that the reason that the controllers were withdrawn from marketing is the success of IP in corporate networks.  In the IBM Announcement Letter dated February 26, 2002, IBM stated that the "explosive growth of the Internet and TCP/IP traffic have resulted in a severe decline in the demand for new 3745 and 3746 Communication Controllers."  In fact, it is widely accepted that IP is the strategic networking protocol of the future.  IP has been around since 1969 so it is well established and also offers features such as scalability, redundancy, resiliency, openness, adaptability, and manageability.

As a transition for SNA users, IBM developed an IP transport technology called Enterprise Extender (EE).  Enterprise Extender allows remote SNA clients to continue to communicate with mainframes over existing IP networks in much the same way as they do today.

SNA Connectivity over IP Networks

The IBM Announcement of FEPs being withdrawn from marketing is important because many SNA networks rely upon IBM’s FEPs to connect SNA traffic between remote clients and corporate mainframes.  The CQ-3770EE solution utilizes the EE technology and allows remote SNA clients access to corporate mainframe data centers over existing IP connections.

Through CQ-3770EE, the applications and data that remote clients have used throughout the years can now be accessed over IP networks.  CQ-3770EE users will find this new technology as reliable, scalable, and easy to use as SNA and because CQ-3770EE uses standard IP technology, the solution does not require new client hardware or software to be installed.  In fact, certain client-side hardware such as dial-up modems, DLSw routers, Token Ring cards, and serial adapter cards are eliminated altogether.

For more technical information, use this link for a Technical Overview of Enterprise Extender.


The Complete CQ-3770EE Solution

The complete CQ-3770EE solution also allows for simple and efficient integration of the optional CQ Productivity Suite of solutions:

The CQ Productivity Suite offers CQ-3770EE clients with superior data management tools that improve efficiencies while driving down the labor costs associated with the management of large quantities of recurring data.  For more information on these solutions, contact CQ.

Sample Screen Shots

CQ provides our web page visitors with a quick look at several sample CQ-3770EE screens.

CQ Configurator Screen
This screen displays the settings required by most users to complete configuration.  Some users may need to access the Advanced Options screen (see below) for further customization.

CQ Configurator Screen

Interface Screen
The Interface screen appears in CQ In/Out Bound mode when you are connected with the host.

Interface Screen (in CQ In/Out Bound mode)

Receive Data Screen
From this screen, you can change the settings associated with receiving data from the host.

Receive Data Screen

Receive Data - Form Options Screen
From this screen, you can change the settings associated with receiving form data.

Receive Data - Form Options Screen

CQ Script Screen
From this screen, you can view a CQ script as it runs.

CQ Script Screen

Customize Toolbar Screen
From this screen, you can customize the toolbar that appears within the Emulator screen by adding, editing, or deleting toolbar buttons.

Customize Toolbar Screen


Workstation/Server Requirements

Host End Requirements

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