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Productivity Solutions


Have you been researching data management tools that can offer your organization the benefits of increased efficiency and lower costs?  Or, are you simply tired of not getting the benefits that you had hoped for from the data management technology initiatives that you have already implemented?  Either way, look no further than CQ’s complete line of powerful productivity solutions.  These solutions offer superior data management tools that improve efficiencies while driving down the labor costs associated with the management of large quantities of recurring data.

It is often a daunting task to manage the massive amounts of data that organizations receive everyday.  Many times, this data includes reports and files sent on a daily basis from mainframe computers to remote workstations.  So, the simple question becomes, "How can I efficiently manage all this data?".

CQ offers productivity solutions that incorporate automated and time-saving features that allow you to efficiently manage your data.  Many of these solutions can be used independently, combined with other CQ productivity solutions, or combined with CQ connectivity solutions such as CQ-EE™, CQ-3770EE®, CQ-3770® and CQ-3780® for the ultimate in data management.  Each solution focuses on a particular aspect of data management that allows you to efficiently manage data and thus increase your organization’s productivity.

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