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Security Solutions


CQ has been a leader in security solutions since introducing the single DES option in its connectivity solutions more than 18 years ago.

Single DES

Since 1991, CQ has offered single DES encryption as an option in its 3270 SNA and 3770 SNA/RJE terminal emulation connectivity solutions to businesses (such as banks) and organizations around the world to solve their secure communications needs.  These single DES solutions have been implemented throughout the world for secure, remote data transfer applications by users ranging from Federal government agencies to companies within the private sector such as brokerage houses and other financial services institutions.

Triple DES

Today, CQ has taken secure data communications to the next level by offering full support for Triple DES.   This security feature is available for use in CQ’s 3270 and 3770 connectivity solutions for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.  CQ’s implementation of the Triple DES feature provides secure cryptographic protection of digital data for CQ SNA users.  These solutions include CQ-3270EE®, CQ-3270®, CQ-EE™, CQ-3770EE®, and CQ-3770®.

The Triple DES feature allows for the ultimate in secure remote communications between remote PCs, laptops, and notebooks and mainframe computer sites anywhere.  When compared to single DES, Triple DES has the advantage of proven reliability as well as a longer key length that eliminates many of the shortcut attacks that can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to break single DES.  CQ’s software also allows the user to specify the amount of minimum session-level encryption.  These options include Selective DES Encryption and Mandatory DES Encryption for single DES users and Selective Triple DES Encryption and Mandatory Triple DES Encryption for Triple DES users.  These options are consistent with IBM’s® Systems Network Architecture (SNA) specifications for Triple DES.

The Triple DES option is available for CQ's SNA connectivity solutions through one of two hardware configurations.

  1. For remote laptop and notebook users on the go with no room for extra hardware installations, the Hayes™ OPTIMA™ 56K modem by Zoom® Telephonics, Inc. with the patented AutoSync™ 2 feature is the ideal means for transmitting sensitive data.
  2. PC users may choose to install a CQ-Sync™ PCI internal adapter card for high-speed synchronous communications.

Software only Triple DES can also be implemented in CQ’s Enterprise Extender solutions - CQ-EE, CQ-3270EE, and CQ-3770EE - without any hardware configuration modifications required.

For more information on CQ’s advanced security solutions, contact CQ.

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