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CQ-Sync100 PCI Adapter Card

Product Overview

The CQ-Sync100™ PCI adapter card provides efficient and quick communications with true Plug and Play (PnP) capabilities.  This 32-bit PCI bus compatible adapter card is available for use with CQ’s connectivity solutions.  The CQ-Sync100 PCI card connects to any external synchronous modem or device with the RS-232 cable that is included with the card.  The card supports analog dial-up communications speeds up to 33.6 Kbps - the fastest synchronous speed supported by analog dial-up communications.

CQ-Sync100 PCI Features

CQ Connectivity Solutions

The CQ-Sync100 PCI card is sold as part of a bundled solution with one or more of CQ’s terminal emulation connectivity solutions.  These connectivity solutions include CQ-3770®, CQ-3780®, and CQ-3270®.

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