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Connectivity Solutions


CQ delivers the ultimate in IBM® terminal emulation connectivity solutions by combining the depth and full range of IBM emulation with the simplicity and ease-of-use of the Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI).  These solutions provide simple and convenient connectivity from any remote or local workstation or client running a Microsoft® Windows operating system.

SNA-over-IP Enterprise Extender Connectivity Solutions

The Enterprise Extender (EE) technology allows for the use of SNA transport protocols (namely APPN and HPR) over an IP network.  It enables the leveraging of IP-based infrastructure network components for use in delivering SNA traffic. The CQ-EE™, CQ-3770EE®, and CQ-3270EE® solutions utilize IBM’s Enterprise Extender technology to allow for SNA access over IP connections.  Best of all, these solutions are not dependent on specific hardware configurations like other SNA connectivity solutions - CQ’s EE solutions can run on any Windows workstation or server with no hardware changes required!

Hardware Specific Connectivity Solutions

Along with CQ’s EE solutions, CQ also offers the hardware-specific solutions.  CQ’s products support multiple methods of connection including remote analog dial-up lines, dedicated leased lines, high-speed T1/Fractional T1 leased lines, ISDN, Routed Networks (Frame Relay, etc.), direct connections, and more.  These connections are supported through numerous hardware connection options.  Hardware options include Hayes™ OPTIMA™ modems with the AutoSync™ 2 feature; versatile 32-bit CQ-Sync™ PCI internal adapter cards with external synchronous communications devices; Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Token Ring adapter cards; and Microsoft Host Integration Server connections for TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and other network connections.  CQ also provides Enterprise Extender (EE) solutions for SNA connectivity over IP connections.  Other connection options are also available from CQ.

Hardware and Connection Options

To communicate with a mainframe or host computer using a CQ terminal emulation connectivity solution, the PC or notebook computer running the CQ software product must be equipped with the proper hardware.  In most cases, the host site almost always determines the connection option for communications between remote or local workstations and the mainframe computer.  For example, the host site might help to determine the speed (baud rate) of the connection as the host site ultimately controls this option.  Other factors, such as port availability, type of port, and other factors, are controlled by the workstation that is connecting with the mainframe.

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