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CQ-JCL Generator

Solution Overview

The CQ-JCL Generator™ provides a Graphical User Interface compatible with all Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  Since Microsoft has dropped reliable operating system support for DOS-based executables, CQ has stepped in to provide clients with a replacement for older DOS-based JCL Generators that have been in operation since the 1980’s.

The CQ-JCL Generator supports all JCL functions currently in use by clients and is easily customized to provide for the needs of CQ clients’ IT Departments.  These applications include GoBooks, LockBox, Daily Business, EasyTrieve, and other applications.

Features and Benefits

The CQ-JCL Generator is pre-configured and customized for each client’s specific JCL operations.  There is no additional cost for this pre-configuration as it is included with the cost of the software.

The CQ-JCL Generator is compatible with all Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems.  The older DOS-based JCL Generator that clients have used throughout the years is not supported by Microsoft’s 32-bit operating systems.

The CQ-JCL Generator is powered by a user-friendly "point-and-click" interface.  The older DOS-based JCL Generator uses archaic text menu selections on multiple pages.

The CQ-JCL Generator is customized for clients that use the GoBooks, LockBox, Daily Business, EasyTrieve, and other applications.

Customized JCL issues are easily supported with little or no additional charges.

Single page display of all pertinent JCL parameters.

JCL parameters are easily modified if needed.

JCL related support is readily available through CQ’s Technical Support Department.

CQ Access Point Agreement
(CQ’s Annual License Activation and Software Maintenance Agreement)

CQ recognizes the importance of providing our customers with access to comprehensive technical services and support.  CQ also feels that access to product upgrades and updates is an integral part of an organization’s overall software deployment strategy. With this in mind, CQ provides the CQ Access Point agreement to its customers. With each license acquisition, you receive annual license activation as well as access to the product upgrade and technical support features of Software Maintenance.

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