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CQ Policies and Procedures

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CQ Access Point Agreement

CQ recognizes the importance of providing our customers with access to comprehensive technical services and support.  CQ also feels that access to product upgrades and updates is an integral part of an organization’s overall software deployment strategy.  With this in mind, CQ provides the CQ Access Point agreement to its customers.  With each license acquisition, you receive annual license activation as well as access to the product upgrade and technical support features of Software Maintenance.

License Activation

During initial installation, your new CQ software will require its license to be activated by contacting CQ and requesting "License Key Codes".  Upon activation, the software will be fully licensed and fully functional on the workstation or server that you have loaded it onto.  Then, on an annual basis, your license will need to be reactivated.  You will receive notification in the form of a pop-up message 30 days from the expiration date that the software license is due to expire soon.  Then, you will receive a similar notification each day under the 30-day period.  If you have been unable to extend your license within the allotted time, CQ allows a short grace period before the license is terminated.  By maintaining this “grant of license” with CQ, this ensures a stable environment for your CQ solution to function.  It also allows for the free product upgrades and updates that you will be receiving to be more easily installed.

Technical Support

During each year of your software’s usage, CQ’s technical support staff will be available to troubleshoot any CQ related technical issues.  CQ will provide up to two hours of telephone technical support for each licensed CQ software product.  Along with the two hours of telephone support, we will provide unlimited e-mail technical support.  This is CQ’s way of making sure that you are covered with the technical support that you need.  This is your way of getting an increased return on your investment in a total software solution.

Product Updates and Upgrades

As new product upgrades (new features, etc.) and product updates (patches, bug fixes, etc.) become available, they will be made available to CQ Access Point customers.  Then, you can upgrade to new releases and new versions as your needs dictate.

By providing constantly updated software to CQ Access Point customers such as yourself, we are helping you maintain your software budgeting.  For example, if you weren’t enrolled in the CQ Access Point agreement, then you would have to budget an uncertain amount for new software releases.  Then, if you forgot to budget for new software releases – or didn’t even know that you needed to budget for this – then you are stuck with an unplanned expenditure, or forced to wait until the next budget cycle to be current with the CQ software.  With the CQ Access Point agreement, you never have to worry about new software releases because they are included in the agreement.  This makes it simple for you to purchase and administer all CQ related solutions in one planning and budgeting cycle as part of its overall software acquisition plan.

More CQ Access Point Agreement Information

The CQ Access Point agreement provides an enhanced level of support and service and ensure that CQ’s solution will function at peak performance.  You can find more details on the CQ Access Point agreement page on this web site.

Technical and Consulting Services

CQ technical and consulting services that are provided by CQ to customers without enrollment in the CQ Access Point agreement are available on an hourly basis at the then current hourly rate with a minimum charge of four hours and may be subject to the current CQ prices, terms, and conditions at the time the technical and consulting services are used. For on-site technical and consulting services, the customer must agree to accept reasonable costs determined by CQ that are associated with travel expenses for CQ support personnel.

Hardware Warranties

All hardware products developed by CQ (i.e., CQ-Sync100 PCI, CQ-Sync200 PCI, etc.) are covered by a Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty.  CQ warrants its hardware products to be in working order for the life of the product.

You can find details on CQ's Hardware Warranties on the Hardware Warranties page on this web site

Product Reproduction Policy

The customer agrees to make no more than one copy of the CQ software, for backup purposes, at any one time.  The customer also agrees to label the backup copy with the software name, serial number, and copyright and trademark notices provided by CQ on the original software media.  The only copies of the software that that are permitted the customer are the original copy, the backup copy, and one copy of the CQ software loaded and in use on one computer at any time.

Backup Systems

CQ always recommends the purchase of a backup system for contingency purposes.  To help encourage the implementation of backup systems, CQ offers discounts on software used for backup purposes.  These discount offers are contingent on the customer’s agreement to use backup products for reserve backup purposes only and not for additional processing capacity (i.e., another "active" system).  Backup products should not be placed in service while the machine with the original software installed is running except for periodic updating of the backup system to mirror the main original system.

CQ cannot be held responsible for a lack of appropriate contingency and disaster-recovery planning on the customer’s part.  Therefore, CQ strongly encourages its customers to maintain a backup system according to their connectivity needs and to also subscribe all systems into the CQ Access Point agreement.

Backup License Activation

During initial installation, the backup CQ software will require its license to be activated by contacting CQ and requesting "License Key Codes".  Upon activation, the software will be fully licensed and fully functional on the backup workstation or server that you have loaded it onto for a period of one year.  It will be the user’s responsibility to contact CQ annually in order to extend the backup software license each year.  Also, CQ will only extend the backup license if the CQ Access Point agreement for the original license of the software has been paid in full when it is due on an annual basis.

Technical Support

Unless you have chosen to pay the annual fee for the CQ Access Point agreement on the backup software, technical support for the backup software will be limited to 30 minutes for initial installation and configuration assistance.  In most cases, a maximum of 30 minutes will be all that is required for the backup CQ solution to be installed and working properly.  At CQ’s sole discretion, additional phone calls and support time may be initiated.

Product Updates and Upgrades

Unless you have chosen to pay the annual fee for the CQ Access Point agreement on the backup software, you will not have access to new product upgrades (new features, etc.) and product updates (patches, bug fixes, etc.) for the backup software.

By annually paying for the CQ Access Point agreement, your backup system will mirror your "active" system.  In order to have an effective backup system, CQ recommends that you subscribe to the CQ Access Point agreement for all live "active" systems as well as their corresponding backup systems.

Software Protection Policy through "License Key Codes"

CQ protects its software assets and intellectual property from illegal, unauthorized duplication and piracy through software copy protection.  This method in no way hinders or otherwise obstructs the CQ software’s capabilities.  Through CQ’s license and software copy protection, the CQ software is "linked" to the workstation (this can be a single user workstation or a server) that it is loaded onto through "License Key Codes".

The "License Key Codes" are based on some of the workstation’s internal characteristics.  This prevents the software from being installed and used without authorization on more than one workstation.  In order to enable the software on more than one workstation, additional "License Key Codes" must be generated for each workstation.  CQ permits a customer to transfer the software from one workstation to another by invalidating the prior "License Key Codes" and issuing new "License Key Codes".  In order for CQ to issue these new "License Key Codes", the customer must provide CQ with a valid removal code that is generated by the software.  Customers with environments where frequent reinstallation, regular system changes, or other modifications are a natural occurrence are strongly advised to contact CQ before any workstation changes are made.

Product Evaluation Policy

Customers may request CQ products for evaluation from CQ for a set period of time.  CQ will evaluate each evaluation request on a case-by-case basis to determine if the product that is requested for evaluation will solve the customer's needs.  CQ may at any time demand return of any products under evaluation.  Evaluation products not returned within the agreed upon period of time or not returned to CQ following a request by CQ for its return will be considered to have been purchased and the customer will be invoiced accordingly.

Payment Policy

CQ provides several ways to purchase our products and solutions:

Customers that have been granted payment terms of "NetDue" agree that CQ is to receive payment immediately upon receipt of CQ's invoice.  Customers that have been granted payment terms of "Net15" (or similarly, "Net30", "Net45", etc.) agree that CQ is to receive payment within 15 days or less of the date that the customer's products are shipped or 15 days or less from the date that technical services are rendered by CQ.

Failure to pay invoices within the agreed amount of time subjects the customer to loss of credit approval and other privileges for future orders.  CQ may further withhold technical support services, disregard Hardware Warranties to customers, and/or further withhold CQ services to customers that are past due on payments to CQ, until the customer's accounts are brought current.  Furthermore, CQ reserves the right to collect the full list price of CQ products with the forfeiture of any discounts that might have been granted to the customer, and also in collection of past due balances, CQ may add interest or finance charges of 1.5% of the unpaid balance per month, retroactive to the original billing date.  If use of a third-party agency, such as a collection agency, or if any formal legal action is required by CQ in order to recover payment of past due invoices, the customer is further liable for reimbursement to CQ of all third-party fees, including collection agency fees, attorneys’ fees, court fees, plus any additional expenses incurred in preparation of testimony and/or travel to testify before a court, to the fullest extent allowed by the applicable laws at the customer’s location.

Return Policy

CQ strives to make all of our customers completely satisfied with the purchase of CQ solutions.  To this end, all CQ software and hardware products are warranted to function properly and to meet the needs of the customer through the products' represented purposes.  If a customer chooses to return a CQ product in good condition within 30 days of the original purchase date, CQ will credit, at its sole discretion, any payments that have been made to CQ, less shipping costs, and any unpaid bill will be adjusted to only include any unpaid shipping costs.

CQ will accept any returned products to CQ after 30 days of the original purchase date at CQ's sole discretion.  These returns may be subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee.  In order for a product to be returned to CQ after 30 days, the customer must first contact CQ and receive an authorized Return Authorization Number (RA#).  Once an RA# has been assigned, the product must be returned in the original packing and the product received by CQ before CQ will authorize a refund.  Returned products and refunds are subject to CQ’s approval.

Shipping and Delivery Procedures

All CQ orders are shipped to our customers by way of a national shipping carrier (UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, etc.).  If you request a specific shipment option or carrier, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  All shipping and handling charges will be added to your order and these charges are different depending on the carrier, the destination, and also if there are any additional duties or taxes that are incurred for the shipment.

Terms of shipment are F.O.B. Destination.  In case of damage, shipments received should be accepted and the appropriate carrier should be contacted for freight claims processing.  Damaged shipments received via common and air carriers must be accepted with all damages clearly noted on the bill of lading.  The Consignee must place damage claims with the carrier.  All damage claims are the responsibility of the Consignee.

Changes to Policies and Procedures

CQ reserves the right to change policies and procedures at any time.  All other rights are reserved by CQ Communications Software, LLC, 2300 Bethelview Rd., Ste. 110-312, Cumming, GA 30040 USA (www.cq-comm.com).

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