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Hardware and Connection Options

To communicate with a mainframe or host computer using a CQ terminal emulation connectivity solution, the PC or notebook computer running the CQ software product must be equipped with the proper hardware.  In most cases, the host site almost always determines the connection option for communications between remote or local workstations and the mainframe computer.  For example, the host site might help to determine the speed (baud rate) of the connection as the host site ultimately controls this option.  Other factors, such as port availability, type of port, and other factors, are controlled by the workstation that is connecting with the mainframe.

The CQ-Sync200 PCI adapter card uses an RS-232 cable to connect to an external synchronous modem or high-speed device (CSU/DSU, Router, etc.).  The CQ-Sync300 PCI adapter card uses a V.35 cable.

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