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CQ’s goal is to provide our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations and requirements; that are innovative and represent good value; and that are unmatched in the marketplace by the level of our service and customer support.  CQ's solutions can be divided into three categories:

Productivity Solutions

CQ offers productivity solutions that incorporate automated and time saving features that allow you to efficiently manage your data.  Many of these solutions can be used independently, combined with other CQ productivity solutions, or combined with CQ connectivity solutions such as CQ-EE™, CQ-3770EE®, CQ-3770®, CQ-3270EE®, CQ-3270®, and CQ-3780® for the ultimate in data management.  Each solution focuses on a particular aspect of data management that allows you to efficiently manage data and thus increase your organization’s productivity.

Connectivity Solutions

CQ delivers the ultimate in IBM® terminal emulation connectivity solutions by combining the depth and full range of IBM emulation with the simplicity and ease-of-use of the Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI).  These solutions provide simple and convenient connectivity from any remote or local workstation or client running a Microsoft® Windows 32-bit operating system, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT®, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

The CQ-3770EE and CQ-3270EE connectivity solutions provide SNA connectivity over IP connections through the Enterprise Extender (EE) technology.

CQ’s products support multiple methods of connection including remote analog dial-up lines, dedicated leased lines, high-speed T1/Fractional T1 leased lines, ISDN, Routed Networks (Frame Relay, etc.), direct connections, and more.  These connections are supported through numerous hardware connection options. Hardware options include Hayes™ OPTIMA™ modems with the AutoSync™ 2 feature; versatile 32-bit CQ-Sync™ PCI internal adapter cards with external synchronous communications devices; Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Token Ring adapter cards; and Microsoft Host Integration Server connections for TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and other network connections.  CQ also provides Enterprise Extender (EE) solutions for SNA connectivity over IP connections.  Other connection options are also available from CQ.

Customized Connectivity Solutions

CQ provides remote clients with customized host connectivity solutions, such as CQ-EE, that allow seamless communications with corporate and government host sites worldwide.  If you have a question about a customer CQ solution, contact CQ for our recommendation on the CQ solution that will best suit your host access needs.

Security Solutions

CQ offers security options to meet today’s rigorous security standards.  CQ’s Data Encryption Standard (DES) solutions have been implemented throughout the world for secure, remote data transfer applications.

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